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  • 49 locations
  • KVM virtualization
  • Instant Setup
  • IpV6/64 as an option
  • Free Windows OS
  • Free DDoS protection
  • Remote Reboot/Reinstall

That’s not all, we know that every client evaluates us on the basis of price/quality, and here is what you get, our offers start from 4 USD/month, all other prices are very competitive as well. Being extremely reasonable by price, we offer 24/7 fantastic support team for your needs, they are dedicated to understand client’s needs and these guys could solve any issue with the server in a fast and professional manner. These are the premium engineers who know how everything works, and they know how to fix any issue that may cause instability or downtime.

Our bandwidth is hard to beat by uptime and speed, beside this we have offers that start from 1GB Ram, in developed countries like France, Netherlands, USA, and Germany and so on, with the HDD starting at 80 Gb and more, and fast Intel and AMD processors designed for server’s tasks. Best dedicated servers are here waiting to start serving your tasks, providing all the client needs, and offering great support and reliability to any of our customers. Among our services we have got dedicated servers, cloud VPS, Cloud Servers, if you are not an engineer you may ask our support on the server you need more, and beside this you may search thru our knowledge base and find the service you want to have, or that suits you the best. We are showing you different possible options, all you need is to choose between them and enjoy reliable service, install your site and server and start using it. Join us, and enjoy extra-class experience right here.