Cloud servers myth busters


Cloud based server seems to be like a usual server from the first sight, but if we look closer, we may mention pretty much different things in there. So the cloud virtual server may override the expectation from server usage, or may provide lesser than you expected, don’t let your preconceived believes get you wrong way.

Usually two main ideas about hosting are sold, one called shared hosting and the other one is a dedicated hosting. Those customers who choose shared hosting, know that they don’t rent the whole server power and capabilities (RAM, bandwidth, CPU), but just a part of it. Shared hosting is cheaper, and less reliable, but if we look at low-traffic resources, this could be the best choice for them. Dedicated servers work differently, those who rent dedicated server have an option to host big resources, to allow huge traffic load, and have flexible server settings, faster and deeper support. Of cause, this type of hosting is supported and settled faster and deeper. So, client could get advantage of it.

So, now we know two main things, what are the shared and dedicated server’s looks like, what is the cloud SSD server, how does it work and what are the advantages and disadvantages of it? It seems to be a perfect mix of two technologies of dedicated and shared server usage. We mean that the cloud based server works the way you want to pay it, and gives you extensive scalable options.

We can now talk about the following options:

  • Stability in uptime – multiple server structure provides more stable uptime, and allows supporting high loads when that is needed.
  • Security – physical servers, even in cloud virtual server are stored and work in datacenters, which offer high security measures.
  • Efficient billing system – customer pays only really used resources
  • Scalability – resources are available immediately when you need them. They are released as demanded and billed in real-time.
  • Fast reply time in Cloud SSD server storages, much faster than SCSI or any other technology known so-far.

These important parameters maintain the cloud based server technology leadership and popularity.