These days everyone who is looking for great dedicated server is practically lost in the tons of offers and peculiarities. What does this means, what is that, how to protect data, what is encryption, bandwidth, SSD, DDR and so on. Beside the usual parameters, which are of cause very important for UK server renters and their businesses, there are some no less important things to worry about. Such things are: country of collocation. You may ask why that matters, and there are no vivid optimal answer, there are some you cannot predict, such as riots, long power outages and of cause proximity to the final customer. For the sites and web resources placed in developed countries, these things could be crucial for the business stability and audience loyalty. UK dedicated servers in this matter is the main thing to look at. Anyone who had ever held any online business in Europe would be proud to have such a stable and crucial detail as UK dedicated server.


So, which pros and cons are you prone to if you order web hosting UK from us:


  • Proximity to EU markets (fast ping, high stability)
  • Strict legal jurisdiction (your copyright is government protected)
  • Low physical and crime damage risk
  • Fully customizable servers
  • Flexible price policy, personalization offers for loyal customers

Cons for the UK servers:

  • No Warez content for the UK dedicated servers
  • No Adult materials
  • No illicit, or copyright breaking materials allowed

These are the reasons to consider if you look at renting a UK servers, but if your business falls in usual range, than your idea about renting is all about proximity, stability and rule of law jurisdiction. Web hosting UK vary by place, bandwidth, as servers in any other country. So, to have a reason to rent it you main auditory should live close, these includes but no limited to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland and France.