Best offer in terms of stability and Asian uptime is of cause japan server. The Japan dedicated server changed normal sensation of the service. What does that mean? Every server has the uptime, which is usually 99.7-99.9% of all time. So, by doing simple math we could get approximate offline time for the year, the best expected value is around 9 hours per year.


By ordering Japan server beside the proximity to Asian customers, our customers as an addition asset get excellent support team, which is trained to offer you special services, and maintain uptime which is closer than 99.9%. We in Japan team value your uptime as one of the main assets, so by offering you Japan dedicated server we are not going to disappoint you. Eastern Asia, China and even USA is close to Japan, channels are impeccable for these regions, so Japan dedicated server could become a bargain for the price/covered market and quality as well.

So, by acquiring japan dedicated server you are getting the following at the same time:

  • Expandable server (VPS, or usual dedicated server)
  • Amazing Flexible Cloud technologies
  • Technologies come first (always new and fast implemented technologies)
  • Great English support service

Summarizing all these factors, all you need is just to apply for the Japan dedicated server; our experience team is going to fulfill your expectations. Vast experience, new amazing technologies, competent approach these are important things to make your japan dedicated server work fast and have uptime close to 100%. So, if your project awaits big workloads with the maximum possible uptime, be aware of us. Serversget.com is ready to take a challenge and host your Japan dedicated server. We support such options as:

  • Hot Swap
  • Independent power supply
  • System set-up
  • DDoS protections
  • Issues solving team

Our Japan dedicated servers are ranked by others as an impeccable service. Join us and benefit from collaboration with serversget.com. Any possible questions you may direct to our Japan dedicated server support team, which is ready to handle your request right away.