Range of offered options includes all modern server features, all of them are in high demand for customers. This means that our offers could satisfy all potential customers and we are covering all demands for the European market, being totally protected from any unforeseen conditions by the strict legal jurisdiction. Our dedicated server Germany is all about the customer’s advantages. The Germany server is great due to the following reasons:

  • Legendary German Stability (uptime up to 100%)
  • European economic center (low connection time to the main markets)
  • Great 24/7 support service
  • Excellent combination price/quality


Of cause this means that no warez content could be located on the servers, but that does not narrow your options, if we talk about usual business that need stable, fast server for the usual price. The German dedicated server is something you really need. Western European location makes all potential customers reachable for you, the Germany server is something you may want to have for your immediate success. Offer offers differ by the possible big savings compared to other companies. Powerful and reliable dedicated servers operated by Linux and Windows server are physically maintained by the trained experienced staff. All this measures provides up to 100% uptime and highest customer satisfaction on the market. You may create your own offer, by sticking to our customized individually created VPS server. This means the following:

  • SSD HDD (Fast Hard Disk Drive with immediate response)
  • DDR 3 (fast RAM)
  • VPS (expandable CPU computing power option)
  • Linux of Windows Server OS

We operate Germany servers under fair price policy; this means for the final customer that we are not going to overcharge your monthly bill. Now, we have an option to charge exactly the computing power that you use. Tuned billing system could be configured for the ordered customizable system, so that you pay only what you ordered and used. That was created to satisfy customers, so they have an opportunity to reconfigure server by their needs immediately. Every single detail could be as flexible as never before.