Taiwan dedicated server industry demands the server’s to work fast, since Taiwan is the most developed are in the Taiwan is a Chinese miracle in the world of telecommunications. The Taiwan servers are same good as Japan, but serve south-eastern Asia, offering to the customers, new experience of fast reliable web or project hosting with the mild rules regarding illicit content and warez.


The Taiwan dedicated servers are all about high speed, great prices and of cause stable work with the developed communication channels which allows uptime tends to be 100% all the time. Due to the developed and relatively cheap computing power, Taiwan servers became so popular and now we could say we go thru a boom in this industry. Online cash games, like poker, online casinos are good to be placed here, and of cause these dedicated servers are extremely good for customers from this region. Taiwan dedicated server for support the following:

  • Unlimited traffic
  • Reliable geek team
  • 24/7 support and DDoS protection

Truly good Taipei based offers are attractive by price and of cause are widely configurable, that makes them really desired for the future expansion. It industry booms day by day, and who knows if soon any project may need additional power, HDD and CPU juice. These is all possible with us, we are coming fast and expand your power as wide as you need it. Ensuring fair price policy, we are going to expand your experience by offering you only thing you are paying for.

That means that in every single moment you may be able to pay for the resources that you use, being one of the pioneers in this matter we are proud to present a cloud VPS server which is not only expandable, but also differs by a fair price policies, making payments transparent and really fairly-low. Our cloud webserver technology shows and offers you uptime which is close to 100%, and absolutely fantastic for Asian realities. The easiness of acquiring new resources in Taiwan dedicated servers, particularly cloud servers is fantastic. You just book, pay for them and get it almost immediately. Beside this the offered bandwidth and SSD fast power are really attractive offers.