Why bandwidth matters?


The private dedicated server is a wise choice in terms of the bandwidths and of cause the private cloud server was developed to cover demands in increasing data transfer. Our private cloud servers are designed to offer you exceptional CPU and RAM DDR and this is always a part of the stability and high achievements in this field. Let’s have a brief look on how the bandwidth acts on the server, and why does the private dedicated server works more stable when the actual internet line is wide and fast.

Before, when internet wasn’t as developed, and when it was just a new modern feature, nobody paid any attention to the bandwidth, in 90-ss there was a dial-up connection anywhere, and median customer or potential customer internet speed was 33.6 or 56 Kbit/s, that was actually a good time for the private virtual server owners, cause if for example, they had 1Mbit/s bandwidth that was over and above for 17 users simultaneously downloading anything from their web resources on the full speed.

Nowadays situation changed dramatically, the private dedicated server owners have to pay great attention to the bandwidth because average customer internet speed equals to 50-75 Mbit/s and it’s no way dial-up anymore, now sometimes it can reach even 600 Mbit/s. With such internet speed you as a private virtual server owner or renter may have to offer customers’ immediate server response that result in high speed communication and unlimited data in terms of monthly traffic.

So, to cover this for the private cloud server or any of our offers such as private virtual server or private dedicated server we generously provide to our customer unlimited data traffic rate for most of the plans, or significant data transfer amounts for the limited plans. And of cause ServersGet.com offers include wide internet speed channels to make you experience solid and priceworthy.