What is the difference between the dedicated server and cloud vps?


What is the cloud server, and how does the affordable dedicated server fails in competition to the new instant VPS technologies, and of cause why new cloud SSD VPS are the most attractive?

The affordable dedicated server is the private server that works just for you. This is an ideal server that is paid by the customer, but served by a special company. This type of servers is very reliable, has high up-time and of cause this type is the most expensive one. If money, and assets matter, a better to have a look at offers like instant VPS and cloud SSD VPS, which are much cheaper and could offer great capabilities with the tasks. The affordable dedicated VS cloud VPS servers have some important features, such as:

  • Great price management
  • Eliminate unused power, needed to be present as a reserve.
  • Modern server solutions with fast SSD Disk drives

Server parameters such as CPU, HDD drive, Bandwidth are the main which influence the server productivity. With the affordable dedicated server you are getting a server that works directly for you, which is great and could win you some time, but the price would correspond to offered options.

With the instant VPS your power depends on your needs, for example, when your needs are the same for the actual amount of services, server would not allocate you any additional power, and you of cause not going to be priced for it.  Anytime this could happen and just for this case is always better to have cloud SSD/VPS working on your side. Alternatives are the most decent and of cause the most demanded. Automatic load scalable server.