What is a dedicated server?


It’s always cool to have a dedicated server, but what is it? A dedicated server service is the service which offers web hosting of a special dedicated machine for you. This is a solution which fits the website with high traffic needs, this type of server is usually operated remotely when bought, and physically it sits in premises of a colocation company.

While choosing the server it may be required by the client to install specific Operating system, or to assure additional conditions are met. We can handle this if needed in short terms and with high quality. Dedicated server could have several web-sites or services at the same time, this allow to the client to facilitate and distribute the server cost to several online resources. This will save time and simplify approach if any changes are needed.

The dedicated server service activation usually requires some physical work and approach, so it may take from a couple of hours till 48 hours after services were paid to activate it, and official holidays, Sundays could not be included in this time. The activation process of the dedicated server often finishes by the e-mail which says that the setup works has been finished and server is ready to use. The dedicated server solutions are the special VIP solutions, and we consider clients of such services as the most important customers, that is why we do our best to ensure speed and quality of the provided dedicated server services.  Overnight and over the holidays support is ready to provide you with anything needed for the stability and compatibility of your server wi th your software requirements and hardware expectations.

Provided dedicated servers solutions are the most impressive on the market, lets look at the price and technical parameters to prove it. Prices are really low, you may find dedicated server from 14 $ per months and this is true server on a powerful Intel Atom, and if we are looking for more CPU juice, we may find something like Intel Xeon Server CPU or even excellent Intel i7 or latest AMD things which are designed for Server Tasks for as low as below 100$ per months.