Server location – why that matters?


In order to clarify why cloud servers UK are better or worse for your situation than dedicated server Germany we need to explain how location acts on server expectation and why it’s so important to have the server close to the real customer. Beside this, we need to briefly touch the following important things: what is the server, why cloud server and dedicated servers have to be close to the final customer, why ping time matters and how could this be useful in your particular situation.

Server is a special computer designed to answer the queries with the expected codes, this is needed for internet to function, and almost all internet servers are based on this principle. So the dedicated servers are servers which are solely dedicated to one renter, because most of the internet services and internet sites work due to the sharing servers. These works not as good as desired, but at the same time shared hosting or shared servers are cheap and easy to access and setup. Those who own or rent a cloud server UK or rent a dedicated server in Germany want their server to function properly, be configured correctly and in the way they need for their services to function fast and reliable. In the other words, good or excellent server job is needed for the dedicated server USA, Germany or UK, and it is essential for these services. Stability in uptime, wide bandwidth, and of cause great services and bendable settings, these are the most important things for the dedicated servers.

Ideal server should be easily remotely accessible, should have low ping time (depends on distance to the customer), high uptime and our dedicated server Germany or US, as well as cloud servers in UK have all these characteristics.

The cloud servers UK were designed to transfer your experience and your customer’s expectations into something instant, if we talk about UK customers. The close server, the faster it reply time, and the less loss ping signal it generates. For those who play games, or need to have their online services go smoothly, this means that dedicated server needs to be close to the customers.

It’s hard to assume situation when a customer fails to receive a service because of poor server connection, or even worse the dedicated server you just paid off, went to downtime. So, this works enough reason for anyone to change server provider, or at least review the dedicated plan. That doesn’t matter sometimes, new plan would work the same way and it’s time to have a look at serversget®.