Protect against DDoS – use independent server


DDoS-attack is a special variety of attack on the server. When DDoS attack happens, thousands of infected computers send multiple requests to the victim-server. The server cannot cope with these queries and hangs on. The Distributed Denial of Service consequences are the “fall” for the particular site or even the entire managed server. There is no universal soft dedicated to offer protection DDoS-attacks, however, there is a way to prevent them with more or less success.

Rejecting Windows?

Protection DDoS is a “headache” for many servers and server owners – computer specialists have been constantly working to solve such kind of problems. Sometimes they even recommend to “firewall” or “farewell” Windows Server. You may ask why? As practice shows, sites working at Windows, are sooner or later «bombarded» by DDoS attacks. The reason of it is a network stack – too many connections which serve as a reason of poor server’s reply. They say at Linux you can ban many IP addresses with iptables и ipset programs. IPset with IPtables let you using large tables of IP and MAC addresses, subnets, and port numbers. However, in reality such methods are still not enough.

While using managed dedicated servers, most of the customers find Windows better in many aspects. Independent servers support Ubuntu and Windows as well. You can stop a DDoS attack ordering a managed server. The price for it depends on the location of an offered independent server (Europe, USA, China), the size of RAM (it varies from 1 GB to 128 GB), HDD size (from 80 GB up to 4 TB or even more) and bandwidth. Ordering independent servers for protection DDoS, you also get an unmetered bandwidth and /or free Operating System.

Most of the offered servers are upgradable. Ordering them, you pick a Hostname of the server, and the root password. You can pick the system you are going to use (Windows server, Ubuntu, Debian, Cent OS or other) etc. Any customer evaluates its own needs, and orders details when fills the form. So overall you got what you want, in particular: a great server, DDoS protection and flexible price policy. Finally any server owner or renter is going to get piece of mind in terms of DDoS attack protection.