How would I know which server do I need?


There is a time when any server renter realizes that he or she needs a private server, the instant dedicated server which means that the whole server will work solely on its project. The instant server is something that goes smoothly and privately for any aroused tasks, and could be easily reconfigured by the administrator, even remotely, does not matter where it is located. The instant dedicated server is going to be activated in very short terms when purchased, this going to handle any tasks going smoother to reach the target.

Instant dedicated server technologies are one of the varieties of available technologies, such as:

  • SSD VPS – SSD hard drive with the Virtual Private Server
  • Instant VPS – Instant installation of Virtual Private Server
  • VDS – Virtual dedicated server pretty much the same with Virtual Private Server
  • Shared hosting – Usage of the part of the server (usually slow, weakly protected and cheap)
  • Private cloud – technology that can carry VPS and allow virtualization for OVZ and KVM

So, how this work does and how to distinguish between them, any customer must be curious to have so much information, specification and details. To be short and clear, we need to distinguish cheap and expensive private server options. Cheap options usually provide slow CPU and some HDD with low bandwidth and traffic limits. Big options such as SSD VPD, Private clouds and Instant VPS have in them plenty of virtualization capabilities as well as fast CPU like Intel i7®, Intel i5® or latest server designed XEON ®.

Such server could handle showing low CPU load several big projects with extensive load of data and visitors, customers and users. These are private server with the high reply time in HDD which are usually handle the SSD technology, that adds more speed to the fast system, which is based on the fast data bus between system and Hard Disk, and low reply time of the disk. Designated private servers are expensive but customers have all of it, and every possible feature is tunable, which turns it into a perfect instrument.