Cloud Technology history


In order to understand how it works, it might be good to go deeper in history of cloud storage server. So, let’s have a look back at 90-ss, the time when the cloud computing were born. There was an idea about several computers working together on the same task and sharing their capabilities to achieve result faster and cheaper, by using the not-implicated resources. This idea appeared when the broadband internet became faster and more widespread, the time when the cloud web server not existed yet. Data processed and stored in 3rd party data centers by the cloud makes transmission and process of information cheaper and more reliable. The matter of fact that the cloud web server works simultaneously on different machines, makes it absolutely workable, even if one server is down or disconnected. That happens sometimes, but not with the cloud web server technology, that is why some cloud companies experience growth of more than a half during the year.

The availability of cloud services these days go up really fast, and the reason is that the demand for the cloud web server grows proportionally. The cloud SSD is something special in terms of stability, easiness of use and settings, available for your system administrator.

On 2009 significant growth of cloud computing has begun. These servers were designed having an aim to offer easiness of virtualization, service oriented structure and economic purposes. One of the biggest goals was achieved at that time, a down-time was practically eliminated, and of cause cloud web server became the sales hit, gaining more popularity. Dissemination of the internet all over the world now could provide limitless possibilities to the tuned cloud SSD servers networks, connected in informational cascades designed to work as a part of unique system.

Data centers could be located all over the world, providing high quality ping time from anywhere in the world and giving end-customers great experience achieved by the cloud storage server technologies.

Cloud web server is an expanding technological infrastructure, which makes it possible for anyone to get information which is needed for low cost.